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Modular Management Group is committed to excellence.

Modular Management Group, Inc. offers design-build construction services at competitive cost utilizing state of the art modular component building systems. From the design phase to occupancy, we complete building projects in a fraction of the time and with comparable life spans and quality as compared to traditional construction methods.

All buildings are manufactured in a controlled environment insuring the highest quality. This also helps reduce costs by minimizing change orders and material waste. We adhere to the same strict building codes as conventional construction. We provide our customers with sustainable construction standards consistent with our customer's expectations utilizing concrete, steel, or wood frame systems.

Buildings are designed to your floor plan and finishes without compromise. We will build with environmentally friendly and energy efficient "LEED Certified" material when required by our customers. We can also meet Anti Terrorism Force Protection requirements.

Each member of our team understands your objectives and is committed to the achievement of your desired outcome. We focus on the intended results and insure the best value in quality and performance. We rely on past performance references and take great pride in our experience.

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